Translation is the core activity of our translation agency located in Tunis. It is provided by specialized and skilled linguists and translators with excellent linguistic and translatological level. The work is carefully assigned to translators who master the source language, the target language and the field of specialty.





Regardless of the size or type of the text to be translated, you can entrust us all your documents that our team is committed to deliver to you as soon as possible, ensuring speed and efficiency. We commit ourselves, if necessary, to deliver the document to your company or corporation when translated.


We translate into these languages: Arabic, French and English. You can find below all language combinations.



Website translation


Websites translated into several languages demonstrate high profitability. Indeed, multilingualism opens the way for non-native people in your country to come to you and ask for your services. It is an invaluable opportunity that you need to seriously consider, no matter is your business sector.

To get a quote for translating your website, extract all the text to be translated from the website and send it via the contact form or by email. Alternatively, you can provide us with the website address, and we will take care of text extraction and calculation of the number of words and number of pages.


Translation of specialized texts

Legal, economic, technical, medical and scientific translations require careful research for terminology. The specialized texts vary in the degree of complexity of the terms used and the specificity of the language required. For each area, the work is attributed to an approved translator who is able to meet the requirements of the translation in good standing.


Translation of digital documents

If you have a digital document to be translated, this is easy. Send it by e-mail and we will reply as soon as possible.

Whatever the format of your document (Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, html, etc.), we can deliver a translation in the desired extensions.

We can also provide translation of texts combined with images, graphics or specific forms.

The calculation of the number of pages is based on the number of words of the document and not the number of pages marked in Word or PDF for example. Therefore, having a document full of images, or a document with a large or small text, will not change the actual number of pages in your document.


Translation of printed documents


If you have a printed document you can scan it and send it by email. Otherwise, you can visit us to submit it hand to hand.


Since the calculation of the number of pages is based on the number of words, it is not easy to know in advance the number of pages you have on hand. We will count them and provide you with details.


Thus, the text font (large or small), the format of the pages and the number of pictures will not change the estimation in any case. We follow international standards to identify the correct number of pages.


If you are looking for a sworn translator in French or in English to translate an official document (diploma, certificate, judgement…) to submit it to a governmental institution (court, embassy, ministry, etc.) in Tunisia or abroad, you are at the right address.


Translation languages

Here are the different language combinations in our agency:

  From English into French

From French into English

From French into Arabic

– From Arabic into French

From English into Arabic

From Arabic into English